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Notice to members and clients and enhancement of identity theft protection

Thursday, December 19, 2019

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Notice to members and clients and enhancement of identity theft protection

Caraquet, December 19, 2019 – It is now confirmed that the personal information of all current and former UNI Financial Cooperation members was in the possession of the ill-intentioned former employee of our partner Desjardins.

An internal review and analysis have allowed Desjardins to clarify the scope and scale of the information that the former employee responsible for the breach had in his possession. Given that this individual was acting with ill intent and had access through his job to personal information not only about Desjardins and UNI members but also that of credit cardholders and clients with in-store financing, UNI is extending its privacy protection measures and notifying its members and clients.

No passwords, PINs or credit card numbers affected

It should be noted that no credit cards or other payment methods such as Interac or debit cards were compromised, nor were passwords, security questions or PINs (personal identification numbers).

“Further to the announcement by Desjardins and our own analyses, we felt it was both necessary and responsible to notify our members and clients and support them with more extensive protection,” said Sylvain Fortier, UNI’s chief risk officer. “Digital identity needs to be strengthened in Canada. In the meantime, we believe, like Desjardins, that it’s important to offer all our members the best possible protection in the event of identity theft.”

UNI would also like to reassure its members and clients that there has been no significant variation in fraud since the event.


This notice is for all UNI members and clients

  • Current and former members who have an account at UNI or had one in the past.
  • Current and former credit cardholders and clients with in-store financing, including an auto or recreational vehicle loan.


Details on the protections offered

It is important to reiterate that all members and clients are automatically covered by Identity Theft Protection. This free service includes four components:

  1. Protection: Accounts and assets at UNI are fully protected against unauthorized transactions.
  2. Support: If a member’s personal information is used fraudulently, they’ll get individual support from Desjardins and UNI experts throughout the identity recovery process.
  3. Reimbursement: If a member or client falls victim to identity theft, they’ll be eligible for reimbursement up to $50,000 for certain expenses incurred in the process of restoring their identity.
  4. Monitoring: Members and clients can sign up for free Equifax credit monitoring for five years that includes checking their credit score daily on the Equifax website and monitoring their credit report, with alerts sent for any activity in their file.


In addition, former members and clients can take advantage of Equifax credit monitoring, including credit report monitoring, assistance in the event of identity theft and up to $50,000 in ID theft insurance.


How to sign up for Equifax

  • Active members on AccèsD will receive an Equifax activation code by January 31, 2020.
  • Current members or clients who do not use AccèsD and former members or clients can get an activation code now by signing up at


The personal information affected

The following personal information was affected: first and last name, date of birth, social insurance number, address, phone number, email address and certain details about banking habits and products.

UNI and Desjardins would like to reaffirm their commitment to taking the necessary steps to protect the confidentiality of the personal information of all their members and clients. We sincerely regret that such a situation has occurred.


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