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UNI and Assumption Life join forces in partnership with TKS

Posted on Wednesday October 06, 2021

UNI and Assumption Life join forces in partnership with TKS

Assumption Life and its subsidiary Tech Knowledge Solutions (TKS) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with UNI Financial Cooperation. The company is joining the TKS shareholding, which will contribute to the planning of innovative projects and continue to ensure the financial security of all.  

"For Assumption Life, this strategic partnership, which is a milestone in our history and that of these partners, exemplifies our mission to offer excellent personalized services through simple and affordable solutions, while continuing to make a difference," says Sébastien Dupuis, President and CEO of Assumption Life. "With this partnership, two major companies with Acadian roots, Assumption Life and UNI Financial Cooperation, are joining forces and expertise, in collaboration with TKS. New and innovative projects will be developed to improve the distribution process, facilitate transactions, and provide a simple solution so that more Canadians can access insurance products.’’

Among these innovative projects is the planned launch in 2022 of an enhanced distribution platform for online insurance sales. This product will provide insurers with new distribution channels. The automated and flexible sales platform is designed to help distributors and advisors grow their business and increase customer loyalty. As TKS prepares to launch this flagship product, they are undergoing a rebranding initiative to better align with this new offering.

"This partnership comes at a critical time for the insurance industry as consumer habits have evolved. Digital distribution will enable insurance companies to differentiate themselves," says Roddy Awad, CEO of TKS. "With this investment, we will be able to deliver the technology that will position our partners and clients as market leaders while bringing them closer to the lives they protect.’’

"UNI Financial Cooperation is delighted with this partnership involving Assumption Life and Tech Knowledge Solutions, two local companies. Optimizing financial security and focusing on innovative solutions by adding the expertise of our partners to the equation. This collaboration generates enthusiasm for planning sustainable strategies for our members and clients. In the midst of a technological shift, UNI is evolving into a changing world where the future engages and promotes community participation,’’ says Robert Moreau, President and CEO of UNI Financial Cooperation.

UNI Financial Cooperation will be joining Assumption Life with an equity stake into TKS. While TKS works to commercialize its life insurance sales distribution platform, both organizations will benefit from TKS support for individual digital strategies.  


About Assumption Life
With 117 years of history, Assumption Life continues to ensure the financial security of its clients through its innovative products, personalized services and community involvement. Living by collaboration on a daily basis, coupled with the trust, commitment and leadership of its employees, it offers one of the best experiences that make a difference for advisors, clients and community members. 


About Tech Knowledge Solutions (TKS)
With over 14 years’ experience selling insurance online, TKS is trusted by world-class life insurance carriers to empower them to reach new markets and uncover untapped revenue. A key component to a leading-edge distribution strategy, their holistic distribution platform brings carriers closer to mass market consumers by automating a high-touch advisor sales experience that accelerates the purchasing journey and provides meaningful data to every player in the distribution chain. Learn more about TKS at


About UNI Financial Cooperation
An employer of choice, UNI Financial Cooperation, which is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year, is recognized as an important lever in New Brunswick's socio-economic ecosystem development. UNI is a financial cooperative that aims at the sustainable prosperity of UNI and its members. Through its cooperative vocation, our company is driven by its values of commitment, which are solidarity, responsibility, and courage.


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