Good financial advice

is worth its weight

in gold!

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Whether it is for your savings, your loans (car, personal, or mortgage), the financing of your projects, or your preparation for retirement, we have solutions tailored to your needs. Our objective is to allow you to:

  • Prepare and optimize your financial plan to better meet your needs.
  • Review your financial product needs.
  • Save and invest for your short and long-term projects.

A good financial plan is
what you need to succeed!

A financial plan tailored to your own situation allows you to:

Prepare yourself for the financing of your project

We have several financing tools at your disposal, namely investment credit, interim financing, operating line of credit, loan (term, mortgage, secured).

Avoiding high debt levels that are detrimental to your lifestyle

Paying debts at exorbitant rates is detrimental to a healthy and balanced life. Our financial advisor can establish a plan to consolidate your debts and reduce your monthly payments, or even anticipate their repayment.

Be prepared for the unexpected

By analyzing your current financial situation, we can help you build a safety net to plan for the unexpected.

Pay less tax by investing for your retirement

Our various retirement plans are tax-sheltered. By investing in them, you will gain in tax terms.

Why deal with a UNI advisor?

An advisor to support you in all
stages of life
Financial products for young adults
adapted to your needs
UNI - the cooperative that gives
back to our communities

Our financial advisor's goal is to help you:

  • To do an analysis of your financial situation.
  • To establish savings, retirement and
    income insurance plans based on your budget and

They draw on a wide range of knowledge and
expertise to support you through all stages of
life. This will make you more likely to save and
invest and more disciplined in volatile markets.

As a young adult, our advisor can provide you
with financial products tailored to your needs.
These include savings, loans, financing,
retirement and credit card options. The goal is to
provide you with financial balance by:

  • Investing in promising projects
  • Paying down debt
  • Reducing unnecessary expenses
  • Taking advantage of tax saving

UNI aims to achieve sustainable economic prosperity for its members and the communities in which it operates.

It promotes community life by recruiting talented individuals and making donations to various social organizations.

Steps to take action

Your financial independence is just around the corner.
We suggest you follow 3 easy steps to get there:

Identify your financial advisor

Based on your preferences, choose the
advisor that is best for you. You are also free
to choose the date, time and location of the
meeting (in person or virtual).

Let us guide you

Entrust the development of your financial
orientations to your advisor, who will guide
you through the steps of creating a
financial plan.

Achieve your goals

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you
have a plan to accomplish your goals.

Creation of a personalized financial plan

We explain how to create a financial plan to get an idea before you
meet with our advisor. Here are 8 steps to follow:


Set financial goals

Based on your current financial situation and expectations, your financial advisor will be sure
to help you set realistic goals.


Create a budget

Your project will require a budget to get started and to mature. Your advisor will work hard to create and monitor this budget and provide you with different payment options available to you.


Tax planning

Tax complexity is a conundrum for many young adults. Our advisor will inform you about the tax system that will apply to your projects and about possible tax options.


Create an emergency fund

Your life may be shaken by the vagaries of the unexpected. Your advisor can help you set up an emergency fund, which consists of a sum of money that will allow you to come out ahead.


Managing debt

Based on the amount of your current debts and your present and future repayment capacities, your counsellor will suggest an appropriate strategy to pay off your debts as soon as possible, while reducing the financial burden that may result from them.


Protect yourself with insurance

Your advisor will inform you about the insurance plan that best suits you. By doing so, you protect your project and your family from the financial repercussions of an unfortunate and unwanted event.


Plan for retirement

Consider investing for your future now with your advisor. Your advisor will help you accumulate tax-free money by suggesting different plans and how to save for them.


Investing beyond RRSPs

Optimize and/or integrate other ways to grow your retirement. Beyond the famous RRSP, your advisor will explain any other retirement savings vehicle that best suits you.

Let's take action


Get ready for an initial meeting with one of our advisors who will guide you
according to your current situation and outlook. Prepare a file with the necessary
documentation (account statements, investment statements, etc.) Meet with your
advisor after setting up an appointment, either on site or virtually.

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