Visa payWave

The chip on your credit card also gives you access to Visa payWave contactless technology, which lets you make small purchases without having to enter your PIN in a terminal.

This technology is ideal for purchases of $1001 or less (US$25 or less for the U.S. card1). Where this payment option is offered, you can just wave your card over the secure card reader if you want to complete your transaction faster.

Secure, simple, fast

  • You hold on to your card during the whole transaction, and stay in control of how it is used.
  • No fumbling through your wallet for cash for small transactions.
  • No PIN or signature required.
  • Payment is made by waving your card near the reader.
  • You cannot be charged twice for a purchase.

More and more restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops and convenience stores accept this technology.

1. Registered trademark of Visa International Service Association, used under licence.

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