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Electronic signature

UNI, in partnership with OneSpan, offers electronic signatures, a secure and legal way to sign your documents without having to travel.

Discover electronic signatures, a secure solution that offers greater flexibility. Electronic signatures have the same legal value as handwritten signatures. Contact your UNI representative to find out if you can take advantage of this online solution.

Electronic signatures are part of the digital revolution aimed at providing our client members with better, more secure solutions. They also avoid the unnecessary printing of documents, thus helping reduce UNI's environmental footprint.

How does it work?

Before signing


You must choose a method of authentication with your UNI representative: a code sent by text message or security questions and answers.


A UNI representative prepares your documents for signing.

At the time of signing

Authentication e-mail

You will receive an e-mail from UNI containing a link. Click on it to be directed to the application to authenticate yourself (SMS or questions and answers). If you did not receive an e-mail, check your spam file.


Accept the request for electronic signature consent to be able to sign your documents.

Document with several signatures

Do several people have to sign the same document? In this case, each person will receive a separate e-mail and follows the same steps.


If required, you can now attach one or more documents to complete the signing session.

After signing


And that's it! You've signed your documents. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from UNI. Have several people signed the same document? The confirmation e-mail will be sent to you when all signatories have completed the signing process.

Access to the documents

The confirmation e-mail you receive will contain a link. Click on it to authenticate yourself and access your documents through the application.


You can now download and keep the documents in your personal files.

Next steps

Complete your file

Please allow a few days for us to complete your file.

" Click to sign "

This is the method used to electronically sign your documents. You do not have to sign by writing on a touchscreen.

" Accept "

Some documents need to be signed. Others simply need an "Accept". The "Accept" function is legal proof that you have received and read the documents sent by the UNI representative.

Tip: Download your documents quickly

You should download your signed documents as soon as you receive the confirmation e-mail. Keep them for your records. They are legal proof of your consent. No paper copies will be sent to you.

It is important to download your documents as soon as you receive the link to access your documents. This link is valid for 15 days. No paper copies will be provided.

UNI will never ask you to enter confidential or personal information. The only information requested is your two answers to the security questions or the security code you received on your mobile device. If the link takes you to a page where you need to enter information other than the above, please forward the e-mail you received to phishing@desjardins.com.

We use industry best practices to keep your personal information secure during transactions. Documents exchanged with us during the electronic signature process conform to security, confidentiality and privacy standards.

Read the following tips on e-mail communications with UNI:

Are you still not sure how to proceed?

Contact your business location for assistance.

Find a business location.

Frequently asked questions

Electronic signatures allow you to sign documents without travelling to a business location. This is done through a web-based application powered by OneSpan, our service provider.

Two separate e-mail addresses must be provided to individually access the authentication web page, but the same cell phone number can be used to receive the text message (SMS).

Please click on "Refuse to sign" in the "More Action" menu at the top right of the page. Your adviser will be notified and will contact you to validate the information.

You can refuse to sign the document. The sender will receive a notice of refusal. Refusal to sign ends the process for all signatories. Contact your UNI representative to request a correction.

Does an error message pop up?

  • Multi-signature document: If the message "Signature refused" is displayed, it means that one of the signatories has not given consent or has refused to sign the document. The signature request cannot be completed. Contact your UNI representative.

  • If the message "Session cancelled" appears, a UNI employee has cancelled the signature request. In this case, the request cannot be completed. Contact your UNI representative.

  • If the message "Signature request locked" is displayed, the maximum number of authentication attempts has been exceeded. The signature request is therefore locked and cannot be completed. Contact your UNI representative.

Check your spam file. When in doubt, contact your UNI representative.

No, you will not receive a paper copy. You can download your documents by clicking on the link in the confirmation e-mail and keep them for your records. However, in the event that you still wish to have a hard copy and do not have access to a printer, please contact your UNI representative.

It is recommended that you download and save your documents as soon as possible. Documents are available for download as long as the link contained in the confirmation e-mail is valid (15 days).

When you download your documents, they are automatically included in your computer's downloads. Since the documents are compressed, you must extract them using 7-Zip and Acrobat Reader. If you use Apple, you can open them with iBook.

Yes. As soon as the signatures are completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail allowing you to download and save the signed document.

You will need a PDF document viewer. Most devices use Acrobat. If this software is not available on your Apple device, use iBooks. Note that documents that require "Accept" do not display a signature or other symbol.

Simply close your browser window to exit your session.

You can select the desired language from the dropdown menu by clicking on the "Earth" symbol at the top of the screen.

The application works on most browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

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