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Priority Terra Guaranteed Investment

  • Responsible investment
  • Industry and geographic diversification
  • Capital 100% guaranteed at maturity
  • Minimum investment: $1,000

Who should get this investment?
This investment is right for you if you want to diversify your portfolio, invest in something you believe in and enjoy potentially higher returns[ 1 ].

This responsible investment lets you invest in high-performing companies that are committed to the environment. It's made up of organizations from various sectors, excluding tobacco, nuclear and weapons.

Aggressive - Fact sheets and investment agreements

Balanced - Fact sheets and investment agreements
Term Investment amount Fact sheet Investment agreement
5 years Less than $25,000 Fact Sheet - Priority Terra Investment Agreement - Priority Terra
More than $25,000 Fact Sheet - Priority Terra Investment Agreement - Priority Terra

1. The potential annual maximum rate of return varies based on the amount invested.

2. Variable return may be nil at maturity.Your capital is always guaranteed at maturity.

Information on MLGI rates of return is provided for your information only. This information will vary and may be subject to change at any time without notice. UNI cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Before investing, you should read the investment agreement, which can be found at In the event of a discrepancy between this site and the investment agreement, the investment agreement will prevail.

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