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Mutual Funds1

UNI provides access to a full range of mutual funds and turnkey solutions through Aviso Wealth, a division of Aviso Financial Inc. A wide selection of income, growth, socially responsible and specialized funds are available from the largest investment companies in Canada, including:

  • NEI Investments
  • Fidelity Investments
  • AGF

What are the advantages of mutual funds?

  • Opportunity to combine several funds to diversify your portfolio;
  • Fund management by reputable fund managers from Canada's largest investment companies;
  • Wide variety of investment options in various sectors, asset classes and geographies (local and international), to meet all of your current and future needs;
  • Tailored to your investor profile, and whatever your financial situation and goals might be, we have a suitable investment product for you.
  • Affordable (low minimum investment) and investment through periodic instalments.

 How to choose mutual funds?

To choose investment funds that are best suited to your needs, first you need to determine your investor profile with help from a mutual funds advisor.

As you know, there are a wide variety of investment products available, so why not seek the expert advice of a financial professional: a mutual funds advisor.

The mutual funds advisor will guide you through the process of building an investment portfolio that is in line with your needs and your financial goals, all in accordance with your investor profile.

In creating your investor profile, the advisor will offer a professional approach to diversifying your investment portfolio, and will ask you about the following: your goals and investment horizon, your personal situation and financial position, your investment knowledge and your risk tolerance. In other words, there are financial products suited to every investor profile, from the most conservative to the most aggressive.

Please don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with your Aviso Wealth advisor. Your advisor will help you make the best choices based on your investor profile, and help you diversify your investment portfolio.

Why diversify your investments?

Diversifying means spreading out your investments among several asset categories, including:

  • Liquidities;
  • Fixed-interest securities (e.g. bonds);
  • Growth stocks (e.g. common stocks).

Invest for success

Yes, security comes at a cost! Reducing your portfolio's level of risk limits its potential performance over the long term. The more stocks in a portfolio, the higher the return.

Advice that pays off!

Did you know that a successful investment is more than just a series of transactions? Anyone can invest. Studies show that investors who rely on the help and support of a financial professional accumulate far more wealth, are better protected and are far better prepared for retirement and unforeseen events than those who do not seek help.

A qualified financial professional can provide an objective point of view based on knowledge and experience. They can help you discover investment income possibilities that you might not have been aware of.

The advantages of seeking advice from financial professionals: an investment fund advisor

Your investment fund advisor is your greatest asset!

1. Mutual funds and other securities are offered through Aviso Wealth, a division of Aviso Financial Inc.

Online brokerage services are offered through Qtrade Direct Investing, a division of Aviso Financial Inc.

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