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Does the magnificent view from your cottage on the river’s edge make you dream? Baby #3 is on the way and you need more space? Whether for your next home or a second home, let us help you to complete this important project.

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To each their profile

Even if it’s your third house or second cottage, it is always important to establish your mortgage strategies in order to get the solution that best suits your needs and expectations. To determine which mortgage is best for your situation, choose one of the following five descriptions:

PROFILES Closed or open fixed rate Closed fixed "5-in-1" yearly resetter rate Closed protected variable rate Closed or open reduced variable rate Versatile Line of Credit
Looking for stable rates and payments?
Looking for stable payments and want to take advantage of low interest rates?  
Looking for a low rate, but you want to protect yourself from major rate increases?    
Want to take advantage of low interest rates to save as much interest as possible?      
Looking for a flexible and tailored financing tool?        


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Stability to resell

Its interest rate is lower than the open fixed-rate loan and remains stable until the end of the term.

  • 6-month, 1- to 7-year, and 10-year terms
  • Rate guaranteed 90 days at the time of the loan1 (in general)


Perfect for the short term

The rate is higher than the closed fixed-rate but, but allows the loan to be repaid without penalty and its interest rate remains stable until the end of the term. Perfect if your property is up for sale or if you expect a significant short-term inflow of funds that you will apply to the loan.

  • 6-month and 1-year terms
  • Rate guaranteed 90 days at the time of the loan1 (in general)
  • Repayable at any time, in whole or in part, without penalty


The advantage of the 1-year rate, but for 5 years!

Gives you the benefit of one of the best fixed rates on the market. The term is established for a 5-year period and the rate is revised annually. You benefit from a guaranteed discount for the duration of the term.

  • Conversion to fixed rate at any time
  • Rate guaranteed 90 days at the time of the loan1 (in general)
  • Based on the closed fixed 1-year rate


A ceiling is always handy

The rate is variable but there is a predetermined maximum rate (ceiling rate). This means you'll be able to take advantage of rate cuts while being protected from major increases.

  • 5-year term
  • Competitive rates not guaranteed at the time of borrowing


For the less-stressed of the world

Allows you to have a rate generally better than fixed rates.

  • 5-year term
  • Follows the rise and fall of the prime rate
  • Conversion to a fixed-rate loan at any time
  • Competitive rates not guaranteed at the time of borrowing


Flexibility to resell

Guarantees a competitive interest rate that changes based on fluctuations in the prime rate.

  • 1- and 2-year terms
  • Conversion to a fixed-rate loan at any time
  • Competitive rates not guaranteed at the time of borrowing
  • Repayable at any time, in whole or in part, without penalty


Your home: the solution for financing your projects!

The Versatile Line of Credit is a line of credit with a mortgage guarantee that allows you to leverage up to 80%2 of the value of your home to finance projects.


  • Save money by combining your car, personal and mortgage loans, and even your credit cards;
  • Very low interest rates, lower than a traditional personal line of credit;
  • Split up your financing sources by diversifying your mortgage loan.

What can you do with a Versatile Line of Credit?

  • Redo your kitchen
  • Buy a motor home
  • Take a big trip
  • Use your unused RRSP contribution room to make a large contribution to your RRSP
  • Pay for your children’s studies
  • Consolidate your debts
  • Split up your financing sources, etc.

Once the amount of the line of credit is established, you can use your funds when you need them, without having to reapply for authorization. Take control of your finances!

1. Rate in effect on application date or upon signing mortgage with lawyer.

2. Up to 65% of the property value may be taken out as a line of credit and the remaining financing as a loan tied to the Versatile Line of Credit.



Protection that's worth the cost!

 Whether it's for a primary or secondary residence, protect your most important asset (yourself) with our life and disability insurance on loans.



Little tricks, big impact

  • Pay off your loan faster without penalty
    • Pay weekly or every two weeks instead of monthly
    • Double your payments
    • Pay an additional amount (up to 15% of the original loan amount)
  • How to avoid prepayment fees:
    • Respect the payment limit, which is 15% of the original loan amount
    • Choose an open mortgage
    • Wait for the end of your term
    • Ask you advisor for more advices

  • Your current home could finance your cottage
    • If your main residence contains an acquired value (you owe much less than it is worth), you can use the Versatile Line of Credit to achieve your goal. The Versatile Line of Credit allows you to borrow up to 80% of the value of your main residence to finance the purchase of your cottage.
  • Stay within your means
    • The dream of having a bigger house or a waterfront cottage can become a nightmare if you do not consider all the financial impacts that can come with it. Plan this purchase as though it was your first time.
  • Know how to get the right support
    • Whether it’s the real estate agent, the appraiser, the surveyor or the lawyer, these professionals will be able to give you the peace of mind you deserve.