Renewing / transferring



It's already time!

You may now have a higher income or a renovation project in mind. During your renewal your advisor will be sure to review your needs so you always have the best mortgage strategy. They can also review the repayments options with you to save you as much interest as possible.


In life, many things can happen, and you may want to renew your mortgage loan before maturity. Use our calculator to determine if you will have to pay a penalty.

Contact your advisor to discuss your next renewal.



Because sometimes, it really is greener on UNI's side!

You did your research and found out that a mortgage loan with UNI would be the best option for you? Nothing is simpler!

Transfer your mortgage now and get:

We have different mortgage financing options to offer that will suit your goals and lifestyle.

Talk to one of our mortgage specialists about your plans to guarantee your rate for the next three months.

*Mortgage of at least $100,000$, 5 year term.  Other conditions apply.  This offer may be changed, withdrawn or extended at any time without notice. Not available to Nesto clients.


To each their profile

Many things may have changed since you signed your first contract or since your last renewal (new job, separation, etc.). So, whether you are renewing with UNI again or transferring your loan to us, it is the perfect time to review your mortgage strategies in order to get the solution that best suits your needs, your expectations and your profile.

To determine which mortgage is best for your situation, choose one of the following five descriptions:


PROFILES Closed or open fixed rate Closed fixed "5-in-1" yearly resetter rate Closed protected variable rate Closed or open reduced variable rate Versatile Line of Credit
Looking for stable rates and payments?
Looking for stable payments and want to take advantage of low interest rates?  
Looking for a low rate, but you want protect yourself from major rate increases?    
Want to take advantage of low interest rates to save as much interest as possible?      
Looking for a flexible and tailored financing tool?        

See our mortgage loan comparison table for more details

See our mortgage rates

Make an appointment with a UNI advisor today to talk about the options available to you.



Protection that's worth the cost!

Whether it's a renewal or a transfer, protect your most important asset (yourself) with our life and disability insurance on loans.



Little tricks, big impact

  • Act now!
    • Don’t wait to receive your renewal letter. Contact a UNI advisor now to make an appointment. This decision could save you a lot of money.
  • Repay your loan faster without penalty
    • Take advantage of a range of repayment options that could save you big!
      • Pay weekly or every two weeks instead of monthly
      • Double your payments
      • Pay an additional amount (up to 15% of the original loan amount)

  • How to avoid prepayment fees:
    • Respect the payment limit, which is 15% of the original loan amount
    • Choose an open mortgage
    • Wait for the end of your term
    • Ask you advisor for more advices

  • Time to renew?
    • A renewal or transfer is the perfect time to review your needs and expectations and to see if your current mortgage strategy is still right for you. Discuss it with a UNI advisor who can walk you through this process and suggest the best strategy according to your profile.