Is it time to change the colour of the kitchen or completely redo the bathroom? Or maybe you’ve inherited a centennial house with a few wrinkles? Whatever the size of your project, UNI has the financing solution for your renovations.

Meet with an advisor who will help you identify the right solution for your renovation needs.



The personal loan

  • Equal payments until repayment of the loan
  • Payment options: every week, every two weeks or every month
  • Ability to repay in full without penalty
  • Fixed or variable rate based on the amount and term of the loan granted
  • Terms from 1 to 5 years




Where the « while we’re at its » pile up!

A home renovation project can often bring its share of surprises. Who has not experienced a surprise when opening up a wall or when the sofa doesn’t match the colour of the new floor?

The personal line of credit is the ideal solution to deal with the unexpected or to fill a temporary lack of funds during your renovation project.

  • Amount granted based on your financial situation and your ability to repay;
  • Allows financing to be obtained without having to submit another credit application;
  • Variable interest rate, determined by the amount authorized;
  • Great flexibility of the repayment method and frequency;
  • You do not have to justify its use as long as the authorized amount is respected.


Stay in familiar territory

Are you planning renovations and your mortgage loan matures in the near future? Your advisor can integrate your renovation project into your current loan or may offer a solution that will fit your specific situation better.

If your loan is due to be renewed soon, your advisor may offer you a solution that lets you still go ahead with your renovation project.



My house finances my renovations

Has your home grown older, but also gained value? Have you just inherited a house that only needs a little love to be perfect? The Versatile Line of Credit can be the ideal solution.

The Versatile Line of Credit is a line of credit with a mortgage guarantee that allows you to leverage up to 80% of the value of your home to finance your renovation projects.

  • Once the amount of the line of credit is established, you can use your funds when you need them, without having to reapply for authorization. Take control of your finances;
  • Very low interest rates, lower than a traditional personal line of credit;
  • Save money by combining your car, personal or mortgage loans;
  • Huge repayment flexibility;
  • Split up your financing sources by diversifying your mortgage loan.


For quick purchases

You're doing some shopping and, suddenly, the perfect carpet appears in front of you! The one that completes the perfect decor that you have spent hours imagining. Whether it's to pay your contractor or to purchase decor items to create that sought-after atmosphere, your credit card will soon become your ally. When used responsibly, credit cards will allow you to quickly accumulate BONUSDOLLARS® rewards or cash back.

Download the brochure or compare all the cards in a quick glance.

Friendly advice | With their generous rewards programs and low rates, the Cash Back, Classic, Elegance GOLD and Modulo GOLD cards would be good choices to help you with your projects.


Protection that's worth the cost!

You put a lot of effort and money into renovating your home to your taste. Protect your most important asset (yourself) with our life and disability insurance on loans.