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Savings at your fingertips!

Savings goals

Savings at your fingertips!

Looking to buy a new car? Got your eye on a high-end bike? Hoping to buy a house? Planning a trip to Croatia? Those are all great goals!

People often wonder how to make their dreams come true or make sure they have money set aside for an emergency. Savings goals is a new way to save to help you achieve your goals. Simplify your life with this unique, easy-to-use savings product available on AccèsD online or on mobile. It’s a gift to your future self!

How to obtain this product


  • Save up for things that are important to you
  • Customize your plan with a name, target amount, transfer frequency and timeframe for achieving your goal


  • Available online through AccèsD
  • Track your progress toward your goal on your phone or computer
  • Adjust your plan as you see fit along the way


  • Change your end date any time—you have up to 5 years to reach your goal
  • Adjust your transfer amount and frequency as your ability to save changes
  • Close a project whenever you want


  • Not only do you get a good savings rate, but your interest accumulates and the rate goes up each year
  • You receive a bonus when you hit your savings target
  • Invite friends and family to support your plan: Just click to share a unique key they can use to transfer money toward your goal