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Market-linked guaranteed investments (MLGI)

Market-linked guaranteed investments provide a good balance between the security of your capital and attractive returns. The amount you invest is protected and returns can reflect market growth.

These term investments are as safe guaranteed investment certificates and term deposits. Their advantage is that returns are variable and may exceed the posted rates on these types of investments1. Returns are not known ahead of time because they are based on market performance.

UNI also has market-linked guaranteed investments with guaranteed returns, an additional protection if the markets aren't performing well.

Discover in a few clicks which of our guaranteed investments are right for you. Try our Guaranteed Investment Selector.

  • Capital 100% guaranteed at maturity2
  • Deposits insured under the terms established by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Designed by experts
  • Protects you against exchange rate fluctuations
  • Guaranteed return available, known at purchase for some investments
  • Potential variable return linked to market growth1
  • No commission or administration fees
  • Entitles you to potential member dividends
See returns for previously issued MLGIs
  • Terms: 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and 5 years
  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Eligible for registered plans (TFSA, RRSP, LIRA, locked-in RRSP, RRIF and LIF) and non-registered plans

Want to tap into the stock markets' growth potential without risking your capital? With market-linked guaranteed investments, you get 2 return options: guaranteed and variable. Plus, your capital is 100% guaranteed!

What is a market-linked guaranteed investment (MLGI)?

MLGIs fit investors who are seeking both security and returns that are higher than the more familiar secure investments (GICs, term savings). They offer a 100% capital guarantee and variable return.

What kind of investment do you want?

There's an investment for every type of investor. 2 types of markets-linked guaranteed investments available:

With guaranteed and variable returns
Responsible Option Balanced Guaranteed Portfolio Responsible Option
Zenitude Guaranteed Portfolio - Balanced Optimized diversification for a comprehensive portfolio
Consumer and Health Products Guaranteed Investment Growth linked to multinationals
Financial Services Guaranteed Investment Benefit from the growth of 8 financial groups
With potentially higher variable returns1
MarketLever Guaranteed Investment Exclusive product, for a limited-time
Zenitude-Agressive Guaranteed Portfolio Optimized diversification for a comprehensive portfolio
Canadian Market Guaranteed Investment Benefit from the growth potential of Canadian companies
American Market Guaranteed Investment Benefit from the growth potential of major U.S. corporations
Responsible Options
Flex-Pay Guaranteed Investment Potential for interest to be paid annually
Flex-Pay Guaranteed Investment (Annual potential payment) Potential for interest to be paid annually
Diversity Guaranteed Investment Limited time offer
Responsible Option Aggressive Guaranteed Portfolio Responsible Option
Opportunity Guaranteed Investment – Semiconductor Industry Responsible Option

1. Variable return may be nil at maturity. Some investments offer a guaranteed annual return.

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