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For years, you have been working to build and grow your investments for a well-earned, peaceful retirement. Unfortunately, no one is immune to a health problem or loss of autonomy that could jeopardize a well-planned retirement.

What if you are the victim of an accident? If your health was suddenly threatened? Or, if you or your spouse died prematurely?

These are scenarios that we prefer not to think about, but insurance helps you minimize the financial impact that such a situation could have on your financial security and that of your loved ones. It can also be very useful in tax planning, since it protects the value of taxable property.

Come talk to us about it. We will guide you to a UNI insurance1 Financial Security Advisor2 or Wealth Insurance Specialist2. They will be able to make you an offer that will best suit your situation and your retirement plans.

1. UNI Insurance is the descriptive trademark of the subsidiaries of Caisse populaire acadienne ltée: AVie, Financial Security Advisors; Acadia General Insurance (general insurance provider); and Acadia Life (personal insurance company).

2. The Financial security advisor or Wealth insurance specialist is an employee of AVie, Financial Security Advisors. AVie is a subsidiary for the distribution of personal insurance products from Acadia Life, which in turn is a subsidiary of the Caisse populaire acadienne ltée.

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