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Line of credit: A financial boost


Focus on your studies

The student line of credit helps you focus on your studies by reducing the stress related to your finances.

Coping with the unexpected

A coffee on a keyboard or tires to change can have a big impact on an already tight budget. With our help, you have access to an amount in case of financial contingencies.


Flexible repayment

You can repay your line of credit at any time during your studies, in whole or in part, and even up to 6 months after graduation.

Higher amount allocated

Depending on your program of study and your financial needs, you could get up to $275,000 to cover any contingencies.

Lower fees and interest

For the same amount of money, the line of credit has a lower interest rate than the loan or credit card.

Maximum amount of a
student line of credit

The amount of the student line of credit varies depending on your education and finances. In any case, don’t worry, the line of credit can easily be adapted when your needs change.

Enrolled in a 2-year
college program

You can get up to


If you are enrolled in a college program for 2 years or less.

Enrolled in a 3-year college program

You can get up to


If you are enrolled in a 3-year
college program.

Doing an MBA or a Master’s degree in management (M. Sc.)

You can get up to


If you are doing an MBA or a Master’s degree in management (M. Sc.)

Enrolled in a
university program

You can get up to


If you are registered in a university


If you are studying accounting
(CPA), chiropractic or podiatry.


If you are studying law, pharmaceutical,
engineering, veterinary medicine or
actuarial science.


If you are studying
optometry or pharmacy.


If you are studying medicine
or dentistry.

Other products available

Budget preparation

The budget is, without a doubt, the guideline for your finances during your post-secondary career and an indispensable tool throughout your life.

Here is a budgeting tool to help you prepare for your university or college life.

No-fee Accounts

Our accounts are free for the duration of your studies! Take advantage of:

  1. Unlimited transactions.
  2. Access your account anytime, anywhere, via AccèsD on your mobile or internet.
  3. Unlimited free Interac® transfers.

My Profil

A credit card is the ideal tool for students and is an excellent way to build a good credit history.

It can be very useful as long as you limit yourself to what you can afford.

A Financial Boost

UNI offers you the opportunity to earn a scholarship in the pursuit of your college or university education.

UNI Scholarships

How to participate?

You must complete the entry form available from January 15 to March 31 (only one entry is accepted).

Dates to keep in mind

  1. 1. March 31 - Deadline for participation
  2. 2. April - Scholarship draw
  3. 3. June - Announcement of winners
  4. 4. Mid-October - Payment of scholarships

Eligibility criteria

  1. 1. Be a member of UNI Financial Cooperation
  2. 2. Be enrolled as a full-time student in September at a post-secondary Educational institution accredited by the Government of Canada