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What is the School Caisse?

Have you heard of the School Caisse?

It's a tool to help your child achieve financial independence. The School Caisse is an educational activity offered to children from kindergarten to grade 8 in cooperation with schools.

Learn more about the goals and benefits of this educational program, your role as a parent, and more.

Goals of the School Caisse

Among other things, the School Caisse will teach your child the value of money and consumer goods, as well as the importance of setting a savings goal and keeping his or her commitments.


  1. Introduces your child to the value of money and the importance of managing it.
  2. Helps your child to meet his or her commitments and to be diligent.
  3. Teaches him or her the value of the goods and services around us.
  4. Instills in your child basic notions of saving and cooperation.
  5. Helps him or her to realize the importance of setting a savings goal.

Benefits of participating in the School Caisse


  1. Develops a habit of saving.
  2. Encourages your child to learn about informed consumption.
  3. Develops a sense of responsibility and independence.
  4. Helps your child learn about the value of cooperation.

Features of a School Caisse account

The School Caisse account differs from a regular bank account in several ways.


  1. No minimum deposit
  2. Interest rate is higher than that of a regular bank account
  3. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly
  4. Responsibility for the account entrusted to the child
  5. No administration fees
  6. Deposits at a UNI business location or by transfer
  7. Withdrawals made at a UNI business location only
  8. Transaction tracking
  9. No cheques