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You can log onto the School Caisse website to access your account and see the last transactions you made.

  1. What is an account? An account is where you deposit your money. Your money is held at the Caisse, where it is kept safe.
  2. What is a transaction? A transaction is a deposit (for example, when you put money in a School Caisse envelope) or a withdrawal (for example, when you take money out at the business location counter for a purchase). Transactions correspond to all your account activities.

The home page on the Log on section is an authentication page which enables the verification of your identity to make sure that it?s really you logging on.

  1. Your username is a 16-digit number beginning with 4540, which you received from your business location. If you don?t have this number, ask your parents to contact an advisor.
  2. To find your business location contact information, they can consult the page :

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