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Managing your wealth starts with a good financial plan

The Wealth Management team's mission is to simplify your finances and advise you on how to make your investments work for your dreams and goals.

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What are your dreams, needs and plans?

Every situation is different. Our Wealth Management team takes the time to understand yours so that you can reach your life goals.

Good wealth management is a lever to make all your future projects a reality, such as retirement or a dream vacation. It gives you confidence that you can help your children pay for their education. It also supports your loved ones when you're gone.

Your goals are our goals.

Manage your wealth

I want to understand and optimize my investments

Enjoying life has never been easier than it is today.

Restaurants, outings, travel, buying a new home or car: everything is at our fingertips! But this ease and accessibility is exactly why caution is called for. Enjoying your wealth is great, but you still need to know how to manage it!

How to manage my wealth
Managing your wealth

Retirement, education, treasured projects: To achieve your goals, you must first know how to save. Our advisors can guide you toward the best solutions for you and help you better understand them. Here are a few possible options to properly manage your finances and wealth:

  • Get the facts on TFSAs, FHSAs, RRSPs, RESPs and RDSPs
  • Automate your payments
  • Get a financial assessment
  • Optimize your taxation
  • Choosing the right credit card for your spending
  • Use budget management tools
  • Invest online with Qtrade Direct Investing®
  • Many other solutions

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Finance your projects

I want to finance my home and renovations

More than ever, we want a comfortable home that reflects who we are.

But whether you are looking for that rare gem or are about to landscape your yard, renovate your kitchen or simply decorate, the important thing is to have a clear plan and good solutions to finance it all.

How to finance my projects
Financing your projects

Whether you want to renovate a kitchen, buy a recreational vehicle, travel, pay for your children's education, consolidate your debts, or something else, we have the solution! Consult our advisors to find the best solution for your situation:

  • A mortgage that matches your needs and profile
  • A simple and efficient personal loan
  • A line of credit that lets you manage your repayments yourself
  • The Versatile Line of Credit, which gives you up to 80% of the value of your home in financing
  • Many other solutions

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Protect your wealth

I want to insure my loans and lines of credit

No matter what you do to avoid it, you never know when bad luck might strike.

A serious illness, an injury, a pay cut or even your death could place the burden of your financial obligations on your loved ones. They may not be able to pay off your loans or lines of credit, and their financial health and your estate could suffer.

How to protect my wealth
Protect your wealth

Save your loved ones from financial stress: Help them now by taking out a credit insurance policy, with or without a medical exam. Depending on your situation, your needs and your risks, our advisors will help you find the right coverage among the many options available:

  • Life and health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Income insurance
  • Insurance for your financial products
  • Many other solutions

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Save for the future

I want to retire my way

Have you worked hard to save for your retirement and want to make the most of it when the time comes?

The important thing is to save the right amount, at the right time and in the right investment option. Depending on your financial goals, your life plans and how you want to spend your money, there are several solutions available to you.

How to save for my future
Save for the future

Want to say goodbye to the world of work sooner rather than later? We can talk about it! Prefer to take semi-retirement? There is an option for that! No matter what your retirement plans are, our advisors will guide you toward the best solutions:

  • Find out if you are on track to meet your financial goals for retirement with our retirement assessment tool
  • Invest in an RRSP, TFSA, FHSA, RRIF, LIF or any other investment vehicle depending on your situation
  • Many other solutions

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Wealth management at UNI: Investment services and solutions for you

  • The largest team of financial planners and wealth management advisors in New Brunswick
  • A leading suite of investment products in Canada
  • A family of socially responsible funds
  • A partner of Aviso Wealth, a major player with more than $100 billion in managed assets

A personalized financial plan aligned with your priorities

Wealth management is about retirement planning, but it is also so much more. Do you want to grow your money for your retirement but also live for today? We understand.

When you develop a financial plan with one of our advisors, you get a complete analysis of your financial situation, recommendations adapted to your plans as well as a schedule and follow-up tool to keep you on track.

Whether you want to invest for your retirement, ensure your family's financial security, finance your children's or grandchildren's education or something else, your financial plan is a tool to help get you there.

In addition to helping you developing a financial plan, UNI's wealth management services can offer advice on investments and major purchases to give you peace of mind.

Managing your investments

Managing your investments

A financial advisor or planner will help you leverage your savings and simplify their management. They will work for you to develop an investment strategy that is aligned with your goals, your risk tolerance and your values. Your dreams and projects are important, but so is your current lifestyle.

Investing responsibly

What if you could save money and at the same time encourage companies with environmental protection policies or good working conditions? That is what responsible investing is all about. Also, all our mutual fund advisors are certified as Responsible Investment Specialists by Canada's Responsible Investment Association (RIA).

Learn more about investing responsibly

Investing in the Market

Want to invest in the stock market? At UNI, take advantage of a full range of products and turnkey solutions from Canada's leading investment firms through Aviso Wealth, a division of Aviso Financial Inc. Our advisors can also help you take advantage of investment opportunities and grow your wealth while respecting your values.

Learn more about investing in the Market

Invest on your own with Qtrade Direct Investing®

Know something about investing? Test the self-directed investment market with Qtrade Direct Investing®, a comprehensive and easy-to-use trading platform that has been ranked among the best in Canada by independent reviewers such as The Globe and Mail, MoneySense and Surviscor.

Learn more about self-directed investing
Financing your important projects

Financing your important projects

Summer is coming. Wish you had a boat to spend Saturday afternoons on the water? Live in an apartment but want to own a home? Interested in starting a business project instead of retiring soon? Projects are like personal tastes: you can't argue with them! Our advisors will help you make them happen with good planning and financing adapted to your needs.

Major purchase assessment tool

Planning a major purchase such as a cottage or a new vehicle? Try our major purchase assessment tool to see if you're on the right track for whatever you're planning. The tool shows you solutions for reaching your goal, such as beefing up monthly savings, reducing the purchase price or changing the date of purchase.

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Ready to make your projects a reality?

Whether you are knowledgeable enough to invest on your own with Qtrade Direct Investing® or are just starting out, our advisors are here to help you simplify the management of your finances and optimize your investment strategies.

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