Security on mobile devices

The Caisse transaction sites optimized for mobile devices that require authenticationare secure. They also offer the same security and protection as full sites, such as data encryption and security questions.

Caisse mobile services users are protected by:

  • a firewall and intrusion detection software.
  • data encryption that protects the information sent on the Internet.
  • internationally-recognized security standards and practices.

Hop 'n s@ve and instabalance features

Hop 'n S@ve and InstaBalance are available on the mobile services app. Once set up on a mobile device, they allow users to access some information and allows for some transactions to be made within the folio without authentification. Mobile device users who use Hop ‘n S@ave and InstaBalance agree to ensure the protection of their mobile device(s).

Smart phones and tablets: a goldmine of valuable information

Protect against unauthorized access to your personal information

  • Password protect your device and be sure to avoid using obvious codes or birth dates.
  • Activate the auto-lock feature after a short period of inactivity (max: 5 minutes).
  • Activate the remote wipe or GPS feature, if available.
  • In the event that you sell or repair your device, save your data and restore the device to its factory settings, making sure that your personal data is erased.

Protect your mobile device

  • Deactivate your wireless features, both Bluetooth and WiFi, if you don't use them.
  • Update your system and software.
  • Download applications only from recognized companies and organizations.

The Security Privacy program

The Caisse ensure that you are refunded money lost* if you are a victim of fraud online or with your La Populaire Card, as long as you:

  • abide by the terms of use for your La Populaire Card, particularly those concerning AccèsD service;
  • do not disclose your access codes, passwords or PIN to anyone and protect your personal computer equipment;
  • advise us immediately if you are the victim of fraud and cooperate with us in our investigation.

Victim of fraud?
If you think you may have been the victim of online, ATM or LA Populaire Card fraud, call the Caisse.

* Members who are victims of Internet fraud can only receive a refund once.

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