UNI contributes more than $295,000 to local economy thanks to 100% Here initiative - UNI Financial Cooperation
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UNI contributes more than $295,000 to local economy thanks to 100% Here initiative

UNI contributes more than $295,000 to local economy thanks to 100% Here initiative

A simple gesture of recognition aimed at UNI employees has proven to be a big success, injecting more than $295,000 into the local economy in just two months. The 100% Here: UNI Together for Local Prosperity initiative has resulted in an outpouring of solidarity with local businesses hard-hit by the pandemic, in addition to recognizing UNI employees’ hard work during these extraordinary times. 

The true meaning of solidarity

The year 2020 was a particularly difficult and unprecedented one for employees involved in delivering essential services, including those at UNI. That is why the financial cooperative decided to combine two very worthy endeavours: thanking its employees and supporting the local economy. UNI therefore offered to reimburse all its employees up to $500 for any purchases from local businesses made between December 1, 2020, and January 31, 2021.

"A UNI employee came to pick up a gift certificate from us and told me about this project. I really thought it was a great idea! I was very happy that UNI took the initiative to support local buying. During this pandemic, people often turn to online shopping, but we must never forget that it is our local businesses that drive our economy. It's very much appreciated." Jean-Yves Gauvin, owner of Gauvin Auto in Caraquet.

"Personally, I think it is a tremendous initiative, and I appreciate that UNI is taking some leadership in buying local. We all have a vested interest in supporting local businesspeople, and I thank UNI for their economic and social conscience. It's an important message that translates into tangible action to support the province's economy," says Pierre Lanteigne, co-owner, Le Costumier and Boutique NEX in Caraquet. 

Local prosperity at the heart of UNI’s mission

Seeing the impact this initiative has had on local businesses, UNI is going one step further by establishing a buy local program for 2021 in the hopes of amplifying the movement. “If it was possible for us to inject more than $295,000 into several business communities across the province in just two months, imagine the impact we could have if we all bought locally throughout the year. I'm convinced that, together, we can act now to support the vitality and prosperity of our communities,” said Robert Moreau, Chief Executive Officer of UNI Financial Cooperation.

A buy local program is currently under development and will be announced later this year. UNI looks forward to pursuing its role as a catalyst for sustainable prosperity in New Brunswick.


About UNI Financial Cooperation

Founded in 1936, UNI Financial Cooperation boasts $4.4 billion in assets and 900 employees. It is a significant driver of growth and actively contributes to the economic development ecosystem of New Brunswick and beyond. Together for the prosperity of UNI and its client members, the institution is driven by its core values of solidarity, responsibility and courage. For more details, visit uni.ca.


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