Do you want to start your own business, acquire new equipment or move to a bigger location? No matter what your plans are, we can offer you the helping hand you need. Among our full range of financing products, you’re bound to find one that will ensure your business booms!


Investment credit

A popular solution. With this preauthorized credit, you get a loan and a guaranteed investment. Simple and fast, it lets you know in advance the amount you’ll receive, helping you plan properly. Once you’ve repaid the loan, you can use your capital to finance other projects. To learn more, drop by a branch and meet us!


Interim financing

Designed for homebuilders, this type of support provides the funds you need to complete your project and build your future.

  • Loan with progressive payments, based on the number of presold units
  • Maximum term of one year
  • Interest rate based on the project being financed


Operating line of credit

The ideal tool for a smooth cash flow, this line of credit helps you successfully manage your operating costs. It also offers protection against the risk of insufficient funds.


  • Competitive interest rate, applicable to the amount used
  • Terms of use and repayment terms tailored to your company


Term loan

This loan enables you to buy the equipment you need to grow your business. You can also use it to improve your financial structure. But best of all, with its of flexible repayment conditions, your assets at the bank are not affected.



Here is a loan designed especially for financing real estate projects, from purchasing land through to construction and expansion. This loan is easily adaptable to your growth management needs.


Guaranteed loan

Certain loans are guaranteed by a government or a Crown corporation. These loans open doors to simple and low-cost financing. Check the links below to discover the various programs available. Our advisors can also answer your questions, so feel free to ask us.


Term savings

Whether your business is little or large, you absolutely need to achieve a return on your investment. UNI helps you define your investment objectives and opens the door to a world of solutions, including access to markets here and abroad, as well as highly competitive financial products. With our expert advice to optimize your investments, we’ll help you maximize and secure your profits.

Term savings

Avoid unpleasant surprises. With term savings, you invest a sum of money for a period of 30 days to 5 years, at a guaranteed interest rate until maturity. Simple as that.


Indexed term savings

Your capital is 100% guaranteed and you have a potential for a higher return. You win twice!


Payment solutions for merchants

Whether in a store, on the road, at a trade show or door-to-door, offer your client a variety of payment solutions! 

There are three ways to conduct e-commerce with Monetico:


Pay terminals

Enables merchants to accept payment anywhere in or around a store, and even on the road.

Mobile solution

Ideal for those who are self-employed and small businesses that want to accept card payments on their smartphones.


Plans that simplify the e-commerce experience.


A solution for every business! Request a meeting with a commercial account manager now and find out which solutions would work best for you.


Payroll service

Are you trying to save money by doing your own payroll? With our payroll service, you can relax, even on vacation. 

Imagine having more time to plan meetings with employees, oversee the development of your business, enjoy family time in the evenings and on weekends, and so on.

Everything is managed via an accessible, user-friendly web platform. What could be better?


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