Daily limit, holding funds and authorized transit

Every financial institution takes the precaution of withholding funds when a cheque is deposited to ensure that the funds have been properly paid into the account.

  • Funds are held for five to seven working days if you deposit a cheque at the counter or an automatic teller machine, or if you make an inter-institution transfer through AccèsD Internet.
  • This procedure applies to any cheque, personal or otherwise, as well as to money deposited at an ATM (for verification purposes).

The authorized transit is an amount determined by the business location that enables you to cash cheques without having a hold placed on the funds. Ask for an authorized transit now!1.

To learn the details on daily or other limits, contact your advisor or your business location.

  • Holds on items in U.S. dollars
  • Transactions between business locations (inter-Caisses)
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Direct payments
  • Cashing government cheques2

1. The business location will analyze your situation to grant you an authorized transfer amount and an ATM block that meets your needs.

2. The amount is held at the value of the item converted into Canadian dollars if the folio is in Canadian dollars.

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